We, at Renormalization Group LLC, are pivoting to find the best combination of activities that will increase our overall sales. As a result, we’ve started a second business to take up the slack in this one. We hope to sustain both going forward. Please feel free to contact us with your problems.

Renormalization Group LLC at your service

I perform systems engineering consulting services: proposal evaluation and development, systems & performance analysis, and technical marketing. I’d like to perform these services for your company, laboratory or center. I have experience with commercial, military and medical systems. I hope to expand my service scope with your help.

Systems Engineering may mean different things to you than it does to me. A systems engineer acts as a customer’s technical representative for a company’s engineering design organizations (i.e., hardware, software, reliability, human interface, integration, test, etc.). The systems engineer flows elaborated and digested customer requirements down to those organizations and feeds back design concerns (in a perfect world). The system engineer may be viewed as a manager responsible for the technical aspects of a job before the design phase with continuing consultative involvement through testing (in a perfect world). Systems engineers are heavily involved in the upfront business capture and proposal phases, too.

Wikipedia says that systems engineering is an interdisciplinary field of engineering that focuses on how complex engineering projects should be designed and managed over the life cycle of the project. The Defense Acquisition University defines systems engineering in their Defense Acquisition Guidebook. INCOSE says it best: “Systems Engineering is an interdisciplinary approach and means to enable the realization of successful systems. It focuses on defining customer needs and required functionality early in the development cycle, documenting requirements, then proceeding with design synthesis and system validation while considering the complete problem.”

The Renormalization Group LLC logo graphically represents our mission. The green vegetable to the right is a Romanesco Broccoli. Fractal in shape, it is renormalizable (i.e., scalable and exhibiting universality). The black background pattern is called an Ulam Spiral where the white diagonals identify prime numbers. The pattern represents the intuitive grasp of partially known regularities.