Renormalization Group LLC at Your Service

Renormalization Group LLC offers ‘up front systems engineering’. By this, we mean the systems engineering functions that take place during business capture, proposal development and program start-up. Renormalization Group LLC also offers new business and program analyses and technical marketing support. Contact us via this email address and we will get back to you promptly. You can also contact us via LinkedIn.

Renormalization Group LLC performs systems engineering consulting services: proposal evaluation and consultation, systems and performance analysis, and technical marketing. Renormalization Group LLC would like to perform these services for your company, laboratory or center. We have experience with commercial, military and medical systems and hope to expand our service scope with your help.

Please check our Areas of Expertise, Profile, Qualifications and Employment History, listed below, to see what we can do for you. Also, please review posts about Core Messages to understand our approach and philosophy.

Areas of Expertise

Proposal Development Systems Engineering

  • RFP Sections L and M Analysis
  • Performance Specification (PS) Analysis
  • Proposal Structure Analysis
  • RFP and PS Compliance
  • Conceptualization
  • Derived or Implied Requirements Discovery
  • Constructive Comments

Systems Engineering, Trade Studies and Performance Analyses

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Functional Decomposition
  • Requirements Allocation
  • Requirements driven functional and/or physical baseline development
  • CONOPS and Ops Concepts
  • Tiered Systems Trades
  • Quantitative Analyses

Capture, ‘Keep Sold’ and Whitespace Technical Marketing

  • Soliciting Requirements and Desires
  • Conducting Technical Research
  • Applying Research to Concepts
  • Formulating Concept Requirements
  • Analyzing Concept Performance
  • Presenting Concepts, Requirements and Performance


  • Formulated system concept for rapid response to DARPA worth $250K – $500K including: requirements analysis, physical and functional design descriptions, performance analysis, and conclusions
  • Reviewed and commented on Medical Device proposal in 8 hours contributing to $100K CIMIT award.
  • Main contributor to $70M sensor system proposal technical volume. Developed technical baseline (sensor, UUV, mission module and ship interfaces) with EPM and local and remote teams.
  • Led $20M win by analyzing neutralization system requirements, functionally decomposing system, and allocating requirements to develop functional and physical architectures that directed the team.
  • Defined an Electronic Warfare sensor functional architecture based on specifications. Incorporated SMEs’ insights for a quality functional decomposition and requirements allocation and a $20M win.
  • Developed an operational concept document, including 7 system-level use cases and excursions, for a DARPA unmanned ocean-going vessel. Conceptualized vessel’s sensor, assisted sensor development.
  • Synthesized Littoral Combat Ship mission module solution using component, subsystem, and system trades as part of larger systems integration proposal. Achieved Purple rating for core process.
  • Created ten antisubmarine warfare concepts and CONOPS and added specifications for top 4 over a two month period resulting in a successful meeting for senior leadership with US Navy stakeholders.
  • Developed active sensor receiver system architecture including functional flows from signal processing through track management using US Navy algorithms. Receiver incorporated into US Navy’s baseline.
  • Derived unmanned mine hunting system requirements that cut across functional segments for video and sensor data compression and for target reacquisition and imaging. Both met specifications.
  • Developed and successfully presented a proposal to a large Oil & Gas corporation that included all system engineering artifacts, interactive performance model, and three alternative physical architectures.


  • US Citizen / Eligible for Secret Clearance
  • Federally Registered for Grants and Contracts
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Theoretical Physics, Syracuse University, 1982
  • National Defense Industrial Association, NDIA
  • Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers, IEEE

Employment History

  • Renormalization Group LLC, Manager, 2011 – 2016
  • Lockheed Martin (heritage Martin Marietta and GE), Senior Staff Systems Engineer, 1982 – 2011