We are still coming to grips with how to layout the website, what to include and how often to update the site. I foresee a layout that I’ll head towards but it will take a while getting there.

What I hope to post on a regular but paced schedule are capsule summaries of journal articles of interest to the engineering community (I will include references when the articles are not freely available on-line as links). I may also post brief summaries of articles from some of my hobbies such as keeping up with Quantum Gravity. I am just an outside observer in QG.

In both cases, I’ll try to stick to articles that are accessible (those are the only kind I understand) and relevant. I’ll probably use categories: Background Reading and Interesting Concepts for engineering articles and Things to Contemplate for those and other articles.

I may also include useful reference text recommendations from time to time under the Background Reading category. Starting up a small business is intriguing, somewhat expensive and holds a lot of promise for the future. I’ll keep you apprised of my progress with ‘Perspectives’ posts.